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New Hampshire Registered Agent Service in Derry, New Hampshire!

New Hampshire registered agent service for $49 a year.

Why is New Hampshire Registered Agent Service the Best?

  • Best Price in New Hampshire: $49 Per Year
  • Commercial Office in Derry, NH
  • Online Account w/ Friendly Filing Tips and Guides
  • Your Documents Delivered Same Day
  • Real-Time Notification System
  • All Business Registration Forms and Maintenance Documents
  • Your Own New Hampshire Business Presence

New Hampshire state law requires you to appoint a registered agent when you register your company with the Secretary of State. For many registered agents this is nothing more than a side-business—they may even be working out of their home.

At New Hampshire Registered Agent Service, we take your business seriously. We run a commercial office. This isn’t a side-business for us. This is our main business, and that’s why we include everything to help you maintain compliance and actually build out your business presence. We list our commercial business address on public filings to help keep your personal information private, and we have an entire library of free, professionally-drafted legal and business documents. We even give you a custom domain with a linked email address, your own customizable website, SSL for security, and a New Hampshire phone number. We don’t sell your data, and you get all of this at no additional upfront cost so that you’re able to develop an online New Hampshire business presence today.

With New Hampshire Registered Agent Service, you are getting the best service at the lowest price. That’s our promise.

Do I Really Have to Have a New Hampshire Registered Agent?

Yes. New Hampshire state law (NH Rev Stat § 293-A:15.07) requires business entities to maintain a registered agent who resides in the state. If you do not appoint a New Hampshire registered agent, you cannot legally conduct business in the state.

Who Can Be a Registered Agent in New Hampshire?

  • An adult New Hampshire resident
  • A New Hampshire LLC or Limited Liability Partnership
  • A New Hampshire Corporation

Registered agents must have a physical street address in New Hampshire and be open during regular business hours. You can be your own registered agent if you have a street address in New Hampshire, can be available to accept service of process during regular business hours, and you don’t mind your address on the public record. But if you want to avoid junk mail, being tied down to one location 9-5 every weekday, and having your personal address and information listed on the public record, you should consider hiring a registered agent service.

Should I Hire You Now or After I’ve Formed My Business?

You should hire us now. Your Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation will be rejected if you do not designate a New Hampshire registered agent.

Plus, as local registered agents, we specialize in starting New Hampshire LLCs and New Hampshire corporations. By hiring us to register your company, you get the full benefit of having us list our commercial business address on your formation documents instead of your personal address. On top of that, you get instant online presence and free access to attorney-drafted internal documents for your company—documents like your LLC operating agreement, corporate bylaws, internal resolution, and much more, all included. So if you’re looking for a business formation service that can handle everything for you, go with experienced local registered agents. Go with us.

A Registered Agent Does What Exactly?

  • Accept services of process (legal notification of a lawsuit), legal documents and notifications from the New Hampshire Secretary of State on your behalf
  • Maintain a registered office in New Hampshire (business office with a physical address)
  • Open our office during regular business hours to receive mail on your behalf
  • Contact you immediately when we receive your documents
  • Upload your documents into your online account the day they arrive
  • Forward your documents to you in a timely manner

How Do I Change to New Hampshire Registered Agent Service?

Hiring a registered agent is a serious consideration. Is your registered agent reliable? Will they notify you in a timely manner? Can they deliver your documents to you dependably? If these questions raise any doubts about your current service, you may want to consider changing. Business filings and registered agent service are what we do every day, and we remain committed to offering excellent service at an affordable price.

Here’s how to change your registered agent on your own:

What to File: Form 10 – “Statement of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent” Form

What It Costs: $15 Payment can be in the form of a Check, Money Order, ACH E-account (if you set up an account), or cash (cash must be in the exact amount or it will not be accepted). Make Checks and Money Orders payable to: State of New Hampshire.

How to File: You can file online through the NH QuickStart portal. You can also access this a PDF of the form via the corporation document library or the LLC document library on the New Hampshire Department of State website. You can fill out the form on your device, print it out, and mail to the Secretary of State, Corporation Division by mail or in person.

If you’re switching registered agents to us, then you can have us take care of this for you. When you order registered agent service, just click “Yes” when asked “Change of Registered Agent” ($42, including the state fee). You’ll find all the appropriate forms pre-filled out in your client account, and we can handle your change of agent filing for you!

Submit by Mail:
Corporation Division, NH Dept. of State
107 N Main St, Rm 204
Concord, NH 03301-4989

Submit in Person:
State House Annex, 3rd Floor, Rm 317
25 Capitol St
Concord, NH 03301

Processing Time: Mailed in documents can take 5-8 business days. Walk-ins are typically filed faster (3-5 business days). Online filings are usually the fastest.