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How To Create A Corporation In New Hampshire

Interested in starting a corporation in New Hampshire? To get your business up and running, you’ll need to submit New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation, hold an organizational meeting, get a tax ID, and apply for any necessary licenses. Many corporations will also want to open a bank account. Below are the steps most corporations follow to take their business from idea to reality.

  1. Form and file your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation
  2. Hold an organizational meeting and create bylaws
  3. Get a federal tax ID from the IRS
  4. Submit the Beneficial Ownership Information report
  5. Apply for state and county permits and licenses
  6. Open a corporate bank account

Or, let us handle your incorporation! At New Hampshire Registered Agent LLC, we do it all:

  • Create and file your Articles quickly
  • Provide you with custom documents like bylaws and initial resolutions
  • Supply you with the platform to launch your online business presence
  • Give you a full year of registered agent service—all for only $251, including state filing fees!

Expanding your existing out-of-state business to New Hampshire? Check out our guide to registering a New Hampshire foreign corporation.

How to File
New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation

Filing New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation is the first step to incorporating your business. The Articles request the following specific information about your corporation:


New Hampshire Statute §293-A:4.01 states that corporations must include one of the following words or abbreviations in their name: Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, Corp., Inc., or Ltd. To ensure your name is not already in use, check availability using New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Business Search.


Principal business information for your New Hampshire corporation includes:

Principal Office Address (main business office)
Principal Mailing Address (if different)
Business Phone (optional)
Business Email (required for online filings)

Your principal office should be a street address, but it doesn’t have to be located in New Hampshire. Your business phone number isn’t required, so you might consider leaving it out (and avoiding the telemarketers that come with a public phone number).


Authorizing shares is the process of creating shares. You can issue (distribute) some or all of these shares later on at your New Hampshire corporation’s organizational meeting.

In your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation, you’re only required to put how many shares you’re authorizing. You must authorize at least one share. You can choose to include kinds of shares (such as common or preferred stock) and par value (the initial price of the share), but this information is optional.


A New Hampshire registered agent accepts service of process and official notifications for your New Hampshire corporation. You must include the name and address of your registered agent. Registered agents can be individuals or businesses, such as commercial registered agent services.

An advantage of a commercial registered agent service like ours is that listing our address can help you keep your own address secure. Keeping personal information to a minimum on public documents is a good way to avoid spam and maintain privacy.

At New Hampshire Registered Agent LLC, we would love to serve as your commercial registered agent. We provide expert service for only $49 a year.


In online filings, you must also designate the duration of your New Hampshire corporation. Duration is how long your corporation will exist. Most corporations are perpetual (meaning they continue indefinitely), but you can choose a term date (end date) if you prefer.


If filing online, the system requests a NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code, which is a six-digit number used to classify business activity. You can select one from the drop-down menu, or if none seem appropriate, you can select “Other” and write in your principal purpose as you would on the paper form.

Your principal purpose must be specific (no “incorporated for the lawful pursuit of business”). For example, your corporation’s purpose could be “motorcycle repair and restoration” or “handbag manufacturer.”


New Hampshire has the option for corporations to file as benefit corporations, which are corporations created with a stated purpose of promoting social responsibility. Benefit corporations are subject to some different regulations and additional reporting requirements. Most corporations are not benefit corporations.

On the paper form, you’ll need to indicate whether or not your corporation will be a benefit corporation. Online, when initially selecting your business type, you can choose “benefit corporation” or “profit corporation.”


Incorporators file and form your New Hampshire Articles of Organization. Incorporators don’t have to be directors, shareholders or anyone with ownership rights in your corporation. Incorporators can be individuals (like yourself) or businesses (like us). Each incorporator must include their name and business address. Hire us, and we’ll be your incorporators!


Enter the name and business address of each Director. Again, remember that your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation filing is a public document, so remember that you’re only required to put business addresses, not personal addresses.

Submit Your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation

You’ll need a New Hampshire Secretary of State QuickStart account to submit your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation.

Create a QuickStart Account

  • On the QuickStart home page, click “Create a Free User Account.”
  • Enter your name, address, phone number and email address, and click “Continue.”
  • Create a User ID and password. You’ll also need to select a security question and provide an answer. Click “Create My Account.”

Sign In and Complete the Certificate of Formation

  • Log in to your account and select “Business Services” and “Create a Business Online.”
  • Choose “I am creating a new Domestic Business.”
  • Under “Business Type,” choose “Profit Corporation.”
  • Complete your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation with the information requested.

Submit and Pay

Filing fee: $102 ($100 + $2 online service fee)
Payment options: credit card (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) or ACH account
Processing time: average of 2 days

By Mail
Download and complete the New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation from the Secretary of State’s Corporation Division.

Filing fee: $100
Payment options: check or money order
Processing time: average of 1-3 weeks

Sounds like a lot? There’s no doubt that incorporation can be a headache! Forming New Hampshire businesses, however, is what we do every day. Leave the hassle to us, and we’ll file and form your New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation—AND give you everything else you’ll need to launch your New Hampshire corporation!

Our Formation Services

Incorporation shouldn’t mean frustration. We make forming your New Hampshire corporation fast and easy. We ask you a few simple questions, form and file your Articles, and provide you with what you really need to get started: a full year of registered agent service, custom documents, transparent prices and more.

What We Offer

  • 1-Year Registered Agent Service
  • Instant Access to Services Through Our Secure Online Portal
  • Electronic Delivery of Your Documents
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • Annual Report Reminders and Compliance Notifications
  • Address Privacy—Our Address on Public Records (Not Yours)
  • Immediate online business presence
  • Custom Documents: Bylaws, Initial Resolutions and More!
  • Optional Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report filing ($25)
  • Option to register a trade name (DBA) for $125 plus state fees using our Trade Name Service after purchasing our business formation service. Just add “Trade Name Service” inside your client portal.

What We Charge



New Hampshire Filing Fees


Our Formation Service Fee


One Year Registered Agent Service




We have everything you need to start your New Hampshire corporation at a great low price! Let us help you incorporate today!

FAQ for New Hampshire Corporations

Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

There are a few keys reasons why your New Hampshire corporation needs a registered agent.

  • It’s the law.
    Per New Hampshire Statute §293-A:5.01, corporations must have and maintain a registered agent.
  • It ensures due process.
    Corporations are entities with legal rights, including due process. Your corporation is legally entitled to receive notice in compliance with due process laws, such as if legal action is taken against your business. Corporations, however, need real people to be available and physically accept any service of process or official notifications.
  • It helps you maintain privacy.
    With a commercial registered agent service like ours, you can maintain address security by listing our address on public formation documents. Avoid all the junk mail and hassle of a publicly-listed address.

We are happy to provide you with expert registered agent service for only $49 a year.

What is an Organizational Meeting?

An organizational meeting is typically the first official meeting of your corporation. This is the meeting where directors meet to elect officers, issue stock and adopt bylaws. As part of our formation services package, we include free, custom bylaws.

Do I have to have an organizational meeting?
Per New Hampshire Statute §293-A:2.05, the initial directors must hold an organizational meeting unless they each provide written consent for action to be taken without a meeting.

Does the organizational meeting have to be in New Hampshire?
No, the meeting can be held in or out of the state.

Does My Corporation Need a Federal Tax ID?

Yes—corporations are required to obtain a federal tax ID called an Employer Identification Number (EIN). EINs are also useful for opening your corporate bank account, as they’re often requested by banks as part of the application process.

How do I get an EIN?
You can apply directly from the IRS at no cost. However, if you’d prefer to leave that to us, you can add EIN service to any formation order for $50.

What is the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report?

The BOI report is a federal filing that must be submitted online to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This report is free to file, and unlike state filings, the information you provide does not go on the public record. Most businesses are required to file, but there are a few exemptions for highly regulated industries.

How do I file my BOI report?
You can file online through the FinCEN database.

When is the BOI report due?
It depends on when your business is formed. If during the year 2024, you’ll have 90 days to file. If before January 1st, 2024, you have until January 1st, 2025. If formed anytime after January 1, 2025, you’ll have 30 days to file.

What information goes on the BOI report?
You must disclose information about your company and the people with the most influence over your business. This includes anyone who owns 25% of your business and/or has substantial control over business operations (beneficial owners) and the individuals responsible for filing your formation paperwork (company applicants).

For your company, you must list:
Legal business name
All DBA names
US business address
Jurisdiction of formation
Tax ID

For individuals, you must list:
Full legal name
Date of birth
Residential address
Copy of ID

Companies formed before 2024 do not need to include company applicant information.

Can you take care of my company’s BOI report filing for me?
Yes. For just $25, we can file a BOI report on behalf of your corporation.

Does My New Hampshire corporation need a trade name (DBA)?

Lots of corporations in New Hampshire operate under a trade name (often called a DBA) because it gives them more freedom for franchising and branding. If you’d like to register a DBA, select our Trade Name Service inside your account after signing up for our business formation service. We will register your corporation’s DBA for $125 plus state fees.

Does My Business Need a Website?

Yes, we think so. Few businesses wouldn’t stand to benefit from a professional company website for the rest of the world of customers and business associates. When you hire us to incorporate your business, we include everything to launch your New Hampshire business presence, including a secure web domain for a year free. We also provide you your own website, SSL security for your website, email address linked to your web domain, and a New Hampshire phone line that can be linked to your personal devices quickly and easily.

No additional upfront cost. Cancel whenever. It’s everything to get your business online ASAP, all on a platform that does not sell your data. If you’re starting a business and think you might need to get started on shaping your business presence, we can be your all-in-one shop for managing your organization.

Do I Need a New Hampshire Business License?

New Hampshire doesn’t require a general business license. Your corporation may need professional licenses or special permits, though. For professions that require licenses or certifications, see New Hampshire’s Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau’s list of Licensed, Certified and Registered Occupations. New Hampshire Means Business also has a list of other commonly needed licenses and permits.

What is a New Hampshire Annual Report?

The New Hampshire Annual Report is a report businesses submit each year in order to provide the state with current contact and ownership information.

How do I file my New Hampshire Annual Report?
All New Hampshire Annual Reports must be filed online. To file online, you’ll need a QuickStart account (the same portal used for submitting New Hampshire Articles of Incorporation online).

When is the annual report due?
April 1st. You can submit your report between January 1st and April 1st.

How much does the annual report cost?
$102 ($100 + $2 online service fee). If you submit your report after April 1st, there is a late fee of $50.

* * *

We’re fast. We’re secure. We’re hassle-free. And we’re ready to form your New Hampshire corporation. With a full year of registered agent service, custom documents and more, why wait? Sign up today!