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New Hampshire Corporation Filing Tips to Avoid Rejection

Tip 1: Use Black Ink

Don’t fill out your Articles of Incorporation in pencil or erasable ink. They won’t be accepted.

Tip 2: Print One-Sided

New Hampshire appreciates your desire to minimize your carbon footprint by using both sides of your printer paper. However, they will still reject your application. Make

sure all filings are one-sided only.

Tip 3: Select the Correct Name

Your company name must be available (do a business name search to be sure) and must end in one of the following: Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, Corp., Inc., or Ltd.

Tip 4: State the Shares

You must state the number of shares you are authorizing, even if you’re only authorizing one.

Tip 5: Appoint a Registered Agent

You must do this on your formation document. You must appoint a New Hampshire resident, LLC or Corporation to act as your registered agent.

Tip 6: List Your Registered Agent’s Physical Address

You cannot appoint a registered agent that only has a mailing address. They are legally required to maintain a physical address. If you list a PO Box, your application will

be rejected.

Tip 7: You Must Include the Following Statement:

The sales or offer for sale of any ownership interests in this business will comply with the requirements of the New Hampshire Uniform Securities Act (RSA 421-B).

If the above statement is not in your Articles of Incorporation, they will be rejected.

Tip 8: List Names and Addresses of Incorporators and Signatures

Your filing must include the names and addresses of all your incorporators. All incorporators are required to sign the Articles of Incorporation AND the addendum. If you

leave off any information or any signature, the application will not be accepted.

Tip 9: Don’t Forget Your Filing Fee

The total fee is $100 (plus the $2 electronic filing fee, if forming an LLC or corporation). It can be paid by Check, Money Order, ACH E-account (if you’ve set up an account) or Cash (must be exact amount).