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by New Hampshire Registered Agent LLC

New Hampshire LLC Filing Tips to Avoid Rejection

Tip 1: Use Black Ink

When filling out your Certificate of Formation, be sure to use black ink. No pencil. No erasable ink.

Tip 2: Print One-Sided

Make sure all filings are one-sided only. New Hampshire appreciates your desire to minimize your carbon footprint by using both sides of your printer paper. However, they will still reject your application if it’s printed on both sides.

Tip 3: Select the Correct Name

Your company name must be available (do a business name search to be sure) and must end in one of the following: Limited Liability Company, L.L.C., L. L. C. (this second version has spaces between the periods), or LLC.

Tip 4: State Your Purpose

New Hampshire law requires that LLCs state the primary nature of their business. For example: “sale and manufacture of coffee mugs,” or “freelance wedding photography.” New Hampshire is fairly strict on this one, requiring that you be as specific as possible. Vague definitions like “sales” or “business services” will be rejected.

Tip 5: Appoint a Registered Agent

You must appoint a New Hampshire registered agent to accept services of process and official notifications on your behalf. Your Certificate will be rejected without a New Hampshire registered agent.

Tip 6: List Your Registered Agent’s Physical Address

Your New Hampshire registered agent must maintain a physical street address within the state. Out-of-state addresses or PO Boxes will not be accepted.

Tip 7: Date of Dissolution (if applicable)

If your LLC has a specific date of dissolution, the full date (Month, Day, and Year) must be written. Partial dates do not count.

If you have no date of dissolution, you must write: None, Perpetual or Ongoing.

Tip 8: Label Management

You must label your company’s type of management, either Manager Managed or Member Managed. In the section labeled FIFTH, you must write IS if your company is Manager Managed or IS NOT if your company is Member Managed.

IS or IS NOT are the only acceptable terms in this section.

Tip 9: You Must Include the Following Statement:

The sale or offer for sale of any ownership interests in this business will comply with the requirements of the New Hampshire Uniform Securities Act (RSA 421-B).

Tip 10: Title, Printed Name and Signature

You must include the Title, Printed Name and Signature of either a Manager or a Member of your LLC. If your company is Manager Managed, the Manager fill this out. If you have no Manager, then it must be filled in and signed by a Member.

The only acceptable Titles are Manager or Member.

Tip 11: Pay Your Fee

Don’t forget to include the $100 filing fee (plus the $2 electronic filing fee, if forming an LLC or corporation). You can pay by Check, Money Order, ACH E-account (if you have set up an account), or Cash (must be in exact amount). Make Checks and Money Orders payable to State of New Hampshire.